SUMI Hospital
Social Medical Corporation
White Phoenix Group

We are dedicated to offering patient-first medical service, with humble gratitude and utmost thoughtfulness.

Yasuhiko Sumi, the Chief Director

the Chief Director

 The White Phoenix Group, a social medical corporation, was originally incorporated as Sumi Clinic in 1947 in Shirotori, Gujo City, and has been always standing by local citizens with the philosophy that the foundation of medicine is the emergency treatment, and that every patient is entitled to be a recipient of its benefits.
 We are designated as an advanced emergency hospital, and have been continuously dedicating our maximum efforts to community health care around the clock and all year around. Recently our efforts consist of two major activities. First, we have opened the Care Port Hakuho, which is geared to deal with various problems that result from aging of the local population. Second, the Gujo Medical Examination Center has been added to offer all kinds of medical examinations, including lifestyle-related illness, cancer, thorough physical checkup, or the brain, and has been contributing to the increased health level of the local people.
  As the birthrate declines and the population ages, we are facing an increasingly important issue concerning the health care program for remote areas, which requires a reconstruction of the medical supply system of Gujo City.
 As an important pillar of community medicine in this particular region, we will set a higher goal to gain increasing trust through providing emergency medicine and medical care in remote rural areas, while maintaining the medical supply system to effectively execute an appropriate and high-quality treatment in serving for the public good


1947 Dr. Ryozo Sumi started medical care in the Town of Shirotori.
1953 Sumi Medical Clinic opened; internal medicine and surgery (19 beds)
  • Sumi Hospital newly opened at 80-20 Shirotori; internal medicine, surgery,
  • cosmetic surgery (42 beds)
1972 Sumi Hospital of the Medical Corporation Hakuho Group founded.
1976 lerical office, examination room, hospital kitchen, staff housing, newly built.
1977 The number of bed increased to 55.
  • The number of bed increased to 64.
  • Depts. of Neurosurgery, Anesthetic, and Physiotherapy opened.
  • Cranial X-Ray CT and Operating Microscope introduced.
1980 Doctors housing newly built.
  • Sumi Hospital newly built at present location (100 beds)
  • Ophthalmology and otorhinolaryngology opened
  • The Gujo Rotation System established
  • Designated as Advanced Emergency Medical Facility
  • Whole body X-Ray CT introduced
  • A Sumi Hospital Branch newly built in Takasu Village
  • Hospital building extended up to 138 beds
  • Rehabilitation Facilities added
  • MRI introduced
1990 Otorhinolaryngology started service
  • Gujo Visiting Care Station for the elderly opened
  • Thorough physical checkup, and brain checkup started
  • Renamed as Specific Medical Corporation Hakuho Group
  • Gujo Visiting Care Station for the elderly put to rest
  • Staff housing, Chateau Hakuho, newly built
  • Day care center for children opened
  • Care Port Hakuho, a health care home for the elderly opened
  • Home Care Support Center Shirotori opened
  • Helper Station Shirotori opened
2004 Gujo Medical Examination Center opened
2005 The number of bed increased (general: 103 beds; convalescence: 48 beds)
  • Regional comprehensive care beds (17 beds) opened
  • The 30th Gifu Prefectural Hospital Association Meeting held, with chief director
  • Dr. Yasukiko Sumi as president of the association
  • Renamed as Social Medical Corporation Hakuho Group

Group Network making contributions to local areas

We are making contribution to our community health care through formation of groups of doctors and staff with advanced knowledge and equally high skills, who can handle varieties of care ranging from ordinary medical examinations to emergency treatments.

Supporting everyone in all generations

The Hakuho Group is rooted in the local community, and is well equipped with substantial care facilities, not to mention the comprehensive medical service of Sumi Hospital, for taking care of various stages of conditions among elderly people. In addition, we put emphasis on preventive medicine by providing supports to all the generations with our well-equipped medical examination center.


We are responsible to practice comprehensive, whole-person medical service, ranging from preventive medicine, emergency treatment, to home care.

Preventive Medicine

Various kinds of Medical Examinations

Thorough Physical Examinations

The thorough physical examination of our health-screening center is intended to protect health of local people by providing, in addition to standard menu, specific examinations for the brain or the intestine, which will enable early detection and early treatment of stroke or colorectal cancer.

Emergency Treatment

Disaster Prevention Facility

Advanced Emergency Hospital

TAs an Advanced Emergency Hospital, we respond quickly and appropriately to any kinds of medical problems around the clock and all year around. A patient with a serious case who needs highly advanced treatment could be transferred by helicopter to an appropriate hospital.

Regional Medicine

As a social medical corporation, we are indebted to improve the regional health care. We have set up a comprehensive care support program to realize a smooth home care and a smooth transport between home and hospital, which was one of the earliest examples in Japan. We maintain close communication with social welfare workers and care managers to tailor a home care service that fits each individual’s need.
In addition, we have a close partnership with neighborhood medical institutions and nursing facilities, including university hospitals, making a substantial contribution to better health care of the regional people.

Sports Medicine

There are about ten ski slopes in the neighborhood, and every year we take care of over 1500 cases of injury from ski or snowboard. We have our sports doctors, and we are well equipped with rehabilitation facilities.

Team Medicine

T A doctor makes up a working team with specialist staff in nursing, rehabilitation, nutrition, and pharmacy to provide more effective treatment.

Clinical Departments

We have ten clinical departments, including the emergency division, to cover all aspects of regional health problems.

Hakuho Group

Sumi Hospital Address: Shirotori 2-1, Shirotoei, Gujo City, Gifu Prefecture 501-5121
Telephone: 0575-82-3151 Fax: 0575-82-3150
Care Port Hakuho, a health care home for the elderly dress: Shirotori 2-6, Shirotori, Gujo City, Gifu Prefecture 501-5121
Telephone: 0575-82-5999 Fax: 0575-82-5998
Helper Station Shirotori Address: Shirotori 2-6, Shirotori, Gujo City, Gifu Prefecture 501-5121
Telephone: 0575-82-5999 Fax: 0575-82-5998
Home Care Support Center Shirotori Address:Shirotori 2-6, Shirotori, Gujo City, Gifu Prefecture 501-5121
Telephone: 0575-82-5995 Fax: 0575-82-5998
Gujo Medical Examination Center Address: Shirotori 2-1, Shirotori, Gujo City, Gifu Prefecture 501-5121
Telephone: 0575-83-0272 Fax: 0575-82-0235

Related Facility

Keiten Association, a social welfare corporation

At Home Shirotori, a nursing welfare facility for the elderly dAddress: Tamezane 1878-1, Shirotori, Gujo City, Gifu Prefecture 501-5122
Telephone: 0575-83-0266 Fax: 0575-83-0267

Access Map


  • By train: 10 minute walk from Mino-Shirotori Station of the Nagaragawa Line.
  • By car: 3 minutes from the Shirotori Exit of the Tokai-Hokuriku Highway.

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