Gujo Medical Examination Center   日本語

In order to protect the rich and happy life style of the local community, we support the high quality of medical examination and health care. In addition, we are always dedicated to a better service to make this center a place of comfort and relaxation.

The center offers client-centered services

  1. A course of all medical examinations completes by noon.
  2. We can show and explain the result of blood examination on the day of examination.
  3. fferent kinds of medical examinations can be combined and done in a day.
  4. The center is open on Saturdays and Sundays of every other weeks during the months from June to December.

Gujo Medical Examination Center

Available courses

Medical Exam designated by Gujo City

Association’s Health Insurance for Lifestyle-related Diseases (age 35~74)

Thorough Physical Examinations

Specific Medical Examinations & Specific hygienic Instructions (age 40~74)

Special Medical Examinations

Various kinds of Medical Examinations